Quick Marriages Seldom Work

Very few people jump into marriage when they just have met someone. I am not saying quick marriages never work; they seldom work.

The same rule applies to your clients. As a business owner or a salesman, you are most definitely searching for a lifetime partner, right? Yet your client needs to be sure he wants to commit. Just like in dating someone, strong relationships are built from the grounds. Here is how.

  1. Appearance. How do you look, act and talk either attracts or repels the clients. You want to be sure you attract the right type of clients and get rid of tire kickers, right? What is it that you can and should do about your appearance in web, social media, seminars, customer negotiations and more? Once you have figured it out and done the necessary actions, you have pulled the right type of clients a few steps closer, so you are able to…
  2. Touch. Touch the clients’ emotions. Make your client feel what you say or do seems right, and that you share common interests and values, and you show you care for your client. What are your client’s feelings he wants to feel less, or more? Once you have solved this part, you have emotionally connected clients who are still hesitating, but think you may be the right partner for them. Again, the right type of clients are a few steps closer, so you are able to…
  3. Engage. Engage your clients with your charming expertise. Hold their hand (figuratively speaking) and make them feel safe with you. Do a small project to show you care, and to show results. Create a customer experience so strong that the client will stop thinking about your competitors or doing things himself. After this, the right type of clients are a few steps closer, so you are able to…
  4. Commit. Commit mutually. This is usually the part all companies put most effort in and do best. The client has totally stopped considering other options, as he feels you are the right partner for him. What is it that you can do to avoid affairs with competitors, or a divorce? This is clearly account planning and account management. A lifetime commitment in business is more of a lifecycle commitment; your client will buy from you as long as the service or product is valid and provides added value.

This may or may not seem an easy task to do. Trust me; if you take care of all the four phases and throw all in, you will succeed.

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