Mastermind Partnership Burning

Sometimes you spend countless hours trying to find a solution, only to end up in frustration. After having the honour of meeting Kestas Sipavicius, I realized once more that some things are meant to happen when the time is right. Kestas is a very kind and humble man, with an overwhelming will to help others. Prior to contacting me, he had joined The John Maxwell Team, focusing on coaching and helping others overcome obstacles and grow as humans. The main tool to start with is a mastermind group.

Since I accepted a job offer and am now using my leadership studies and skills to develop my team to help the company achieve greater goals and broader limits, my capacity for conducting the powerful mastermind groups is close to none. Kestas was sent to me by whatever higher power one may believe in, and we formed a partnership. I will help him on his way to become a certified John Maxwell coach, teacher, trainer and speaker, and he now has the opportunity to give the mastermind group trainings I am not.

We have decided to start a mastermind group as early as January 14th at 8PM (GMT+2). Kestas will conduct an online training on John C. Maxwell‘s book ‘Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn’. The training lasts for 7 weeks, one hour at a time, always on Sundays at the same time. Since we are in a new beginning of a year and a partnership, we are giving a 50% discount from our normal listed price, plus an additional -10% if you pay the whole amount at one time. And, for those who prefer down payment plans, it is possible to split in three months. See details here.

From the bottom of my humble heart and on behalf of the countless JMT partners, I warmly welcome Kestas to work with me and help others grow.

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