Be the James Dean of Your Industry

Rebels. Admired heros who split the audience in for and against them. Like Apple back in 1997 with its Think Different campaign. Strengthened the Apple fanatics and attracted the ones who were still hesitating about Macs. The courage of rebels have always been admired by those who may not have the guts to swim in mainstream so strong that the current changes its direction.

Rebels. They are copied. The way they dress, speak and act. They are followed. They are the talk of the town. A mark in history that lasts for decades. Like The Beatles.

Disruption is a modern word for a rebel. A rebel shakes the minds of its audience. Shakes also the customers’ pockets where the money belonging to a rebel temporarily is.

Be the James Dean of your industry. Shake and rattle. Stand out. Let the haters hate and dogs bark. When you are committed to doing something significant, there is no stopping you now.

Rebellify your network!
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A passionate copywriter, author, marketer, business consultant and trainer rebellifying people's thinking, marketing, products, services and businesses to stand out from the crowd and succeed.

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