Ask Questions and Persuade

Questions have a lot of power in sales. I have found asking the right questions lead the prospects through a path where they can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ every now and then, and make sure they are either going to the right direction, or that there is nothing for them. It is a powerful thing used correctly (I’ve learned it the hard way). Questions help you to minimize the time used for the hesitators. Instead, you can focus on the right-minded and don’t waste your valuable time trying to convince those who would not buy from you in any circumstances.

What is the core power in questions? It makes a person immediately answer the question, even subconsciously. Or, it will make the person curious. And boy, how the curiosity is an itch you need to scratch! Asking questions and persuading your client will help them immediately go through two main first phases, deciding whether they should use their time and energy for the third:

  1. Is this something for me?
  2. Is this actual at this moment?
  3. Does it benefit me?

It does not really matter whether you have written content, a podcast, a video or a presentation. The same rule applies in every single one of them.

Let’s take an example. You have a logistics company and you want to sell high-quality logistics services to food processing companies. Your question would be

Do you process food?

Ok, might be childishly simple. But, if you would market your services in a conventional way, you would be saying

High quality logistics services

It is very unlikely a food processing company would bite the bait. With the question you focus your message to a carefully selected group of companies. No other industry would be interested what you have about to say, right?

Let’s move forward. Your next question could be

Do you want to make sure your products are safe?

There are dozens of alternatives how to handle this. I would not be an expert to tell you what your clients biggest fears or everyday problems are. I am sure you got a grip of my idea. I hope it gives you something to think about.

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